All video productions include: script, voice over, music (custom music is available at additional costs), encoding of video to one specific file format (to be determined during pre production meeting).  Client is allowed two revisions to the ruffcut.  All talent fees are the clients resposibility, price not included in video production. 

 Production Process
    Pre-Production - Meet with client to write script and plan the production.
    Production - Media is produced (still pictures, video, music, voice over)
    Post-Production - Assembly of media.  Output to one specific file (determined in pre-

Commercials – EPC has three options for commercials, “The Graphic”  
     “The Stand Up” and “The Hollywood”.  Commercials can be produced at :15, :30,    :60 seconds.  Delivery to one TV station is included.  $30.00 per additional delivery.
       "Graphic"– The Graphic is the most cost effective and the simplest to produce.  We take photos and a logo that are provided by the client and incorporate background music and voice over.
       "Stand Up"– The Stand Up consists of our crew coming out to one location and shooting a stand up with the owner or whomever is chosen to be on camera.  We will also take needed footage to showcase a companies product or service.  Music and graphics will be added to the video to complete the production.
       "Hollywood"–  This is the most expensive but the most effective.  The possibilities are endless with this package.  We will be on at least one location with lighting and grip to achieve the clients vision.   

Promotional videos – Promotional videos are a good way to inform your existing and potential customers on your company or organization. It is incredibly valuable for attracting new clients at presentations, seminars, trade shows and exhibitions. Streaming promotional videos on your website is also a great way to generate sales from online customers.  

Corporate Videos / Industrial Videos-  As a business owner it’s what you sell, but the way you sell it is by trading information about your company and its services, or by communicating messages to your workers. Through various personal and long-distance communications, marketing methods, and social media platforms, a business owner interacts with customers and associates, and must consistently provide sufficiently detailed information over generally short periods of time. Therefore, you need to take advantage of the quickest, most efficient, and ultimately creative way to talk to your clientele and audience, namely, via corporate videos and industrial videos.